Looking Your Best in Peep Toe Shoes

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It’s the season for open-toe shoes and sandals, so that also means pedicures!

Here’s some basics on doing a proper pedicure;

  • Start by soaking your feet in warm soapy water for at least a few minutes, then pat them dry. Be sure to cover your toenails thoroughly.
  • Remove any old nailpolish from your toenails with cotton wool and nailpolish remover.
  • Use your toenail clippers to file and cut your nails. File your toenails to take off any rough edges, but only straight across.
  • Take some cuticle cream on and massage into the cuticles in circular movements. Clean the foot using nailbrush, foot scrapper and pumice stone.
  • Re-soak your feet for a couple of minutes.
  • Again apply cuticle remover to the cuticles.
  • Wet your cuticle knife to carefully lift the cuticle.
  • Re-soak again and then dry thoroughly.
  • Apply a good moisturiser all over your foot and ankle take the time to gently rub it in. Also at this time you can lightly dust between your toes with a medicated talc or foot powder.
  • Apply your base coat and wait for it to dry. Pick your nail polish and paint on. Don’t forget the topcoat for coloured enamels.
  • One last thing, use your cuticle remover to carefully remove all traces of nailpolish left on the skin to make the job look professional.

It’s worth the extra expense to buy a quality cuticle nipper. Expect to spend at least $30 or so. I’ve purchased cheap ones but they lose their sharpness quickly. Buy the right one the first time.

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